You're about to start the recruitment process at Estimote.
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You are applying to Receptionist position, it is going to be fun! The recruitment process is fairly simple.

1. First, you need to answer questions, or do short tasks in the form below. Please don't spend several days on it. We expect quick and honest answers. If you don't know the answer, just tell us so – we know you can google it. Most of the answers are length-limited [the average of 100 words], so please stick to this limit.

2. Another step is an interview. This is going to be an informal conversation. It will be mostly based on the answers from this form. Please don't worry about dressing up – we don't.  

3. If you pass the two previous steps, we will invite you to spend an entire day with the team in our office. You will work on a quasi-real project and other activities. Lunch with the team is included :).

4. Afterwards, you will meet our CEO. Be ready for the question regarding salary. We always offer an employment contract ("umowa o pracę") and negotiate a gross salary ("brutto"). We always do a 3-month trial period first, and an employment contract for an indefinite period afterwards.

Good luck and see you soon! :)
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Right now we will ask you to do some tasks

Lobby experience

What magazines would you place in our lobby so people waiting there for a meeting don’t get bored? Feel free to add your other ideas on how to make the lobby experience great.
Hi Sam

Sam Altman is visiting our office and we’re organizinng an event for 300 people. Doors open half an hour before the meeting. How to nicely and effectively get a name badge on everyone attending?
Unscheduled meeting

There’s someone in the lobby insisting that they had a meeting schedule with our business team for NOW, but there’s nothing you your calendar. What do you do?
Help with UPS

Imagine you receive the attached letter from our local UPS office ( and a corresponding invoice ( Can you help us out? What would be your response to the email to get the package to the office.
Beautiful lobby designs

We're big on design and beautiful architecture. Please paste 5 links to the most beautiful lobby areas you've seen.
When you can join us?

What is your notice period If you need to relocate, how soon would that be?
Why Estimote?

What is it about Estimote that you wish to join the organization?
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